Client IDs

Msnobj types

  1. Avatar (Unknown, present since Messenger 6.0).
  2. Custom Emoticon.
  3. User Tile (Static display picture only).
  4. Shared File (Unkonw, present since Messenger 6.0).
  5. Backgrounds (Static backgrounds only).
  6. History (Unknown).
  7. Deluxe Display Pictures (Dynamic display pictures).
  8. Wink.
  9. Map File (A map file contains a list of items in the store).
  10. Dynamic Background (Animated).
  11. Voice Clip.
  12. Plug-in State (Saved state of Add-ins).
  13. Roaming Objects (eg.Roaming display picture).
  14. Signature Sounds (Introduced in Messenger 9.0)

Note! The value 14 was used for Location information in some BETA clients, but was later removed because of privacy reasons. In the Messenger 9.0 client it was re-used for signature sounds.


Error Codes